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Flight training in Batchelor


With over 55 years in the aviation industry Batchelor Flight Training offers our clients a completely unparalleled experience. Our instructor is prepared to give professional training lessons in the Darwin region for everyone who wants to take their life to new heights.

We incorporate recreational and intensive flight training, so our programs adapt to each different need and person. Our training centre is run by a highly experienced flying instructor, who trained in Perth and served the RAAF for nine years. He received his instructor rating in Darwin over 50 years ago in 1962.
Can you imagine the freedom and power you can enjoy—to be able to fly and see all the earth below getting smaller and smaller? With Batchelor Flight Training, you can experience this amazing opportunity and truly reach new heights.

It doesn’t matter the reasons that have led to take flying lessons. If you want to learn how to fly, improve your skills or if you just want to live the amazing experience, we will receive you with open arms and no joining fee.

We want you to learn and have fun while being totally safe, that is why we operate under Recreational Aviation Australia parameters to make sure you live the most amazing experience of your life without worrying.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to make your dreams come true, take to the sky and learn to fly!
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We’re located in Bathcelor. We offer flying lessons for everyone who wants to learn, even kids or teenagers. But keep in mind that in order to go solo on a lesson, they must be 15 years or older.