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White aircraft — Flight Training in Batchelor, NT



Is it safe?
Your safety is our number one priority! We dedicate ourselves to offering a fun and absolutely safe flying lesson for all of our students. How can we make that work? First, we only employ instructors with a great deal of experience, particularly experience in a stressful environment. When working with an instructor who has served in the RAAF, you can know that whatever stressful experience you might be feeling in your one-on-one flight over safe and sunny skies won’t come close to a stressful day in the RAAF! Further, we keep strict maintenance of all of our equipment and training requirements, so that you know when you step foot on your plane, you’re protected. Finally, you can feel safe knowing that we built this business on the foundation of real, extended experience, making us the best partner for teaching you how to fly.
What kind of plane will I be flying?
Do I need a licence?
Is it affordable?